News spring 2016


Creating "Who are we?"

In 2015, under the impulse of the younger Marie-Agnes Gomis, a new creation see the day.
In the street, on rooftops, in the sand, nothing will stop us !!! We want to dance.
Presented at Kaay Fecc festival in 2015, here we are in New York, we walk all the streets-us ...
Simone joined us
... Finally ... children have grown ...

This new form will be presented on 27, 28, 29, May 30 BAM in New York as part of DanceAfrica festival.

Choreography Marie Agnes Gomis
Interpreted by Marie Agnès Gomis, Marie Pierre Gomis, Simone Gomis,
Naby Moussa Laye Toure, Yves Sambou, Baidy Ba
Design and Composition  from the soundtrack Jean Louis Gomis and Benoit De Clerck.
duration 17'